Jane's corner view #3 / "Places of reflection, a place you can go and just be."

Pour ce Corner View, Caitlin, nous demande de montrer un lieu de réflexion, un lieu où aller pour simplement être. J'ai la chance d'en avoir des tas... Voici celui qui me transporte le plus.

For my third Jane's corner view Caitlin asks for places of reflection, places you go to just be. I'm lucky, I've many places like that. Here is the one that transports me most.

Brest, port de commerce.
Brest, commercial port.

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3 commentaires:

jgy a dit…

Wow! Beautiful reflections.
I love walking along the harbor, there is such magic.
Thanks for sharing these.

jane a dit…

these images are stunning! happy weekend!

caitlin a dit…


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